Laynie (irrationalmiss) wrote,

Life is nice!

I'm quite happy in life right now. I think it shows that hard work and good karma can ACTUALLY bring happiness.

First, I have my bed! I'm so happy with this because I bought it ENTIRELY myself, had it shipped and put it together by myself. It's MY bed. Well, mine and Ryan's, but you know what I mean ;)

And Ryan told me today that he got accepted to Georian as well! Which means that we will both be going there, TOGETHER. Awesome. Our plan is actually going to work.

Dad bought me Edward Scissorhands, he's so adorabl.e

Also, Ryan booked a flight to come visit me :) The 26th-31st will be spent together. Although I'm not taking it all off work, because we really need the money and I don't want my bosses to be upset with me.

ALSO Roll up the Rim is back at Tim Horton's. Lame, but I LOVE this contest. I never win anything, but it's so exciting to finish a coffee and rrrrroll up the rim!

Work is going REALLY well, we won the comepition that I was chosen as a team leader for. So I think that looks pretty damn good on my part! We won $50 each and I got to make up my schedule for next week :) I work a lot, and I'm so happy! $$$. Only, today was payday and I forgot to pick up my cheque. Der!

Tomorrow I work a split, hopefully it will be more busy than it was tonight. I only made $70 tonight. Boo!
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