Laynie (irrationalmiss) wrote,


Woohoo, I had a weekend off work and spent it wisely! Went down on Saturday to Toronto to see my girls. We shopped [well, I was more tired so I kinda sulked around] Kensington, and ate a horrible meal. But it was cheap.

Went to the Horseshoe for some Cowboy show. Couldn't really see the band, but I'm sure they were super cool. But the best part of the night was: I met Kalan Porter! haha!

Yeah, my sister is a HUGE fan of his, so I insisted on having a photo taken [nevermind how embarassing it is to have your photo taken with a Canadian Idol in a bar]. He was pretty embarassed too. I didn't even think he was old enough to drink? Anyways, since then I've gotten a little schoolgirl crush on him; I mean look at him! He's adorable! Albeit, younger than me.

But yeah, I had a blast. Got to see my stinky girls! Drank lots of wine. Played Karaoke [I RULE at Simple Plan]. AND got driven down a back alley by a taxi guy. Eep!

My photo is hawt.
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