Laynie (irrationalmiss) wrote,

Haven't updated in forever!

Wow, I haven't updated this thing in a LONG time. I just thought I'd throw out some random stuff:

Still working at East Side Mario's. I'm a certified trainer, bartender and server. It's paying really good money and I like the work for the most part. I've been there a year now and it doesn't seem like it's been that long. This week we're losing a lot of staff because they are all moving to go back to school. It sucks because I've become close with a lot of them and don't want to lose touch. Gillian, Jen, Jen and Meghan are girls that I often sit after work and have a drink with, and I'm going to miss that. It's weird, as Meghan and I were best friends [and I mean close knit as I've been with anyone] from Grade 1-6. Then we started working together and we're good friends again. Kinda nice :)

Starting school again in September. College this time. I'll be going to Georgian for Advertising, which I'm really excited about. Although I'm kinda nervous because I haven't been in school for 9 months now. I have to go take a placement test on Saturday for math and communications, and I haven't done an ounce of math since Grade 11. Yikes!

And the most important thing in my life is still imminent. I'm more in love with Ryan now than I ever have been. I can't wait to see him again, I'm visiting him on the 25th. We're playing in a baseball tournament even though I'm sure I'll be an embarassment to him. I love the stage of our relationship - we're aware we want to get married in two years and have children. Today I was at the potato festival and wanted to call him because I saw the most adorable blonde little boy with curly long-ish hair. I wanted to know what Ry thought of toddlers with long hair, so I had to call him. I love that he doesn't laugh at me when I call just to ask a question like that, but instead he tells me he wants a boy with longish hair too :)

I have three days off and I have no idea what I'm going to do with myself. I think tomorrow I'm going to go through my closet and sell everything I don't want on Ebay. I make so much cash, but it disappears, I swear [I blame it on Ebay, where I just bought a new Guess purse :D].

I'm looking to buy a car still, just need to find the right one. I was SO CLOSE to having a four door Echo, but the man at the dealership wouldn't bargain on the price AT ALL, not even $1. So I walked. He was such an ass, I was sorry I wasted my time.

Anyways, I have a killer headache and tea beckoning me, so that's about all I'm writing. There really isn't much more to say anyways. I'm a boring type of girl, but I kind of like it that way :)

Miss you Nat, Tiff and Onyx.
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