Laynie (irrationalmiss) wrote,

So I haven't updated in quite some time. Probably because not much is going on.

Firstly, I love Georgian College. I love being able to drive there in half an hour. And the people are 100 times friendlier than at U of T. It's nice to be around people without superior complexes. Refreshing, really.

Advertising is definitely my program. I can't wait to get into an agency and start making mad campaigns. My marks are doing pretty well, about a 90 average?

Still working weekends at East Side. Some of the girls who left for school are coming back this week, and I can't wait to have them back. I missed them. It's so weird to have your work be overhauled by new people. And maybe with more experienced people back I won't have to close Friday nights anymore. Those 10 hours shifts are brutal.

Miss my Ryan. He's gonna come down for Christmas Break sometime. We figured we'll do Christmas separately this year and then do the family business next year.

Oh yeah, I'm 20.

Anyone doing anything for Hallowe'en? I can't decide if I want to stay in and watch the kiddies come to the door, or go out. Staying in would be the wise decision, but where's the fun in being wise all the time.

Sorry for the most dry post ever. My life's pretty boring right now, but I kinda like it :)

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