Laynie (irrationalmiss) wrote,

Merry Belated Christmas to everyone!

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday season. Mine was alright. Mom had to work Christmas day, and I worked Boxing Day, so our Christmas wasn't like it normally is, but oh well! I got to spend a little time with family, so that was nice.

From my parents I recieved a Motorola Razr phone. SO, my phone book was deleted. I don't have Tiffy's #'s anymore, as well as everyone else from Toronto (minus Nat, who I got to talk to quickly over the net!) If you're reading this and care to give me your number, you can email it to me.

The Thursday before Christmas, we had to put Scruffy down. It was really sad, but he's in a better place. He spent his last days hid behind a computer desk, peeing in my room and biting me when I tried to pet him. He was just getting really old and wasn't enjoying life. We just pray we did the right thing.

Ryan came down for a few days too! I miss him so much. He's my sugarplum butthead. He got videogames for Christmas, so everytime I call, I can guess what he's doing.

New Year's Eve, work is having our staff party. I work New Year's, so I'm going to stay in Alliston and attend the party. I went out and bought a really pretty dress for it. It's like a sage, sheer green with rouching in the tummy area. Then I got some gold shoes with beading (normally, I hate beaded shoes, but I SWEAR they were the only ones I could find!). I also bought a tummy and thigh minimizer so everything looks tighter. Pretty pathetic that I'm excited to wear it, but I can't stay firm any other way (and honestly, I don't really care that much!!!)

Resolutions for 2006?: Volunteer tons more. Especially around the holiday times. I used to always buy tons of food for foodbanks, and haven't really had the funds lately, so I'm hoping to give more time. Also, continue to strive living in a Gandhi inspired fashion. No violence. less hatred (I'm being realistic) and more peace promotion. What can I say, I'm a hippie at heart!

I hope everyone is doing well. I can't wait to return to school on Wednesday. How silly is that? But I love it. My first semester average was 93, and I'm hoping that second semester stays in the same realm.

Ciao bellas!
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